Why an elopement might be right for you

Over the last few years, thanks to the pandemic, the perception of elopements, or eloping, has changed.  The past stigma of running away to Gretna Green to get married has thankfully faded. Now elopements are celebrated as a beautifully intimate choice for couples to make and start their marriage.

Saying that, an elopement isn’t for everyone. Many couples still want the big wedding. But an elopement can be a stunning adventure and a truly once-in-a-lifetime experience.  If you are currently engaged and on the fence about eloping, read on, to find out whether it’s the right decision for you as a couple.


A wedding for two people will naturally be easier on the purse strings than one for a hundred!  Weddings are undeniably expensive. While they are joyful, worthwhile celebrations, creating memories that are cherished forever, it may be that the sort of wedding you would want to remember is just not financially feasible for you.

An elopement allows you to choose extra talented wedding suppliers to create a magical adventure for you. You will need fewer suppliers allowing you to invest well in each one.  Instead of the huge expense of printing invitations to send out to a hundred guests, maybe you can have a stationer create a version of your vows in beautiful calligraphy for you to keep or share after the event with close family. Talk to a florist about ways to preserve your bouquet so that your flowers can be a keepsake. A cake maker can make an exquisite mini cake for two, instead of a costly 3 tiered affair.

Photographer: Catriona Parmenter

One supplier that I would, as an elopement wedding planner, encourage couples not to cut corners on, is with the photographer.  By eloping, on your return your friends and family will want to share your experience through your photos. These photos will also be a precious reminder for you of your wedding, in the absence of copious photos taken by guests at a larger affair.  Having a photographer that you feel comfortable enough for them to be present at your elopement, is also most important. For these three reasons, the decision when choosing your photographer should not be based on price only.

Likewise, a videographer is a great addition to elopement planning. Again, they will provide you with amazing memories and something to share with others later on.

If you are eloping, especially somewhere a distance from your home, it is also advantageous to hire an elopement wedding planner. It pays to have someone in your corner with all the organisation. Someone who can make the elopement feel seamless, stress free and all the more special, is a huge benefit. 

I work with couples looking to elope to the Highlands, and in particular, the stunning Cairngorms National Park.  Couples often need help with the legalities of planning an overseas elopement which I can help with. I can also suggest the most beautiful locations, accommodation, florist, celebrant, caterer and photographer/videographer, saving couples a huge amount of time Googling.  I will hold my couple’s hands throughout the process of planning and right through until their vows have been said.  It is also my absolute privilege to act as one of the two required witnesses and share this most amazing moment in a couple’s lives if required.


Planning a wedding takes time. Engagements often last upwards of 12 months in order to get everything in place.  If you want your journey from “nearlywed” to “newlywed” to be a shorter one, eloping may be a good option.

Working with couples, I can plan an elopement in a matter of a few months, the legalities being the bit taking the longest time. The suppliers and finer details can usually be put in place much quicker.


Planning your wedding often seems to unleash floods of opinions and unsolicited advice. Sometimes family situations are such that the thought of getting everyone together under one roof feels like a stressful, rather than, joyful prospect. 

Eloping means that you guarantee a celebration that’s tailored to you, and you alone.  You can get rid of the traditions that don’t feel right for you. You can enjoy a wedding that involves all your favourite things.  If you want a Scottish elopement and you want mountain climbing, kayaking, mountain biking or whisky tasting as part of your wedding day, you can do it with a full heart and without fear of judgement from Great Aunty Joan!


All planning matters aside, for some people, the thought of being in the spotlight in front of lots of people on their wedding day brings them out in a cold sweat.  You deserve to enjoy your wedding to the fullest, and not feel the wrong kind of butterflies in your stomach at the thought of it.

Escaping to a beautiful place for a romantic adventure that involves nobody but you and your beloved, can be the equivalent of a huge sigh of relief for introverts in love.

Photographer: Catriona Parmenter

The Cairngorms National Park is an absolutely perfect place for a Scottish wedding, and in particular an elopement for people coming from anywhere in the world. There are so many stunning vistas to explore. Many different corners to escape from the real world and spend time in a happy bubble together.  An elopement here comes with the freedom to really create your own adventure together.

I absolutely love elopement planning with couples, especially those who have never visited here before and are looking for something truly unique.  One of my couples came all the way from Oklahoma and their elopement took place around the Abernethy forest at the Dell of Abernethy.  As the bride said afterwards;

“We did not have to worry at all, Lindsay handled everything and made us feel so important. She went out of her way to ensure we had the day we dreamed of.”

Madison & Mason McDown

This is the ultimate reason for hiring a planner, to help you create your own unique, unforgettable adventure.

Having read this blog post, if you are beginning to feel that an elopement in the Highlands of Scotland may be just what you are looking for, do please get in touch with me via my contact page and we can schedule a no obligation consultation to discuss your ideas. 

Remember that at the end of the day, your wedding should be just what the two of you want, be it large or small.  Don’t let others sway your decisions and choices.  It is your day. Enjoy it!

If you would like to read more about destination elopements take a look at my blog post all about planning a dream destination wedding.