Tackling Unpredictable Weather On Your Wedding Day

Scotland is famous for its weather and it is this elephant in the room that may be putting you off considering the Highlands of Scotland for your wedding destination.  But stop right there. Do not cross Scotland off your list but consider the positives that Scottish weather can bring to your special day.  Yes, you heard correctly…..

Firstly your wedding photos can be incredible in less than sunny weather. Photographers actually prefer the day NOT to be sunny.  You can get the most dramatic images of your day with wind and rain set against a mountainous backdrop or with big droplets splashing onto the nearby loch.  Forget the old-fashioned stereotypical photos and think fantastic reportage shots showcasing a day of laughter and unforgettable moments. Relish the unbridled joy of splashing in puddles together and kissing in the rain…..

Secondly, a wedding is all about fun and having an unforgettable experience that you and your guests will never forget.  Us Brits love to talk about the weather.  So what better talking point, than ‘your wedding’ where guests had to suddenly run for cover, everybody bonding with each other early in the day as brollies and ponchos were handed out……

Getting married in Scotland does come with a chance of rain, cold, wind or even snow!  There is no escaping this fact. However, with careful planning, this type of weather does not have to dampen your spirits on the day!  You just need to make contingency plans. If you have a wedding planner, they will ensure the Option B plans, Option C plans and even Option D plans are laid ready.  Here are a few basic top tips for consideration when planning your wedding in Scotland.

  • If you have planned on an outdoor ceremony, or any other part of the day to be outside, ALWAYS have an Option B that isn’t too much of a compromise for you.  This may involve hiring a gazebo, a marquee or a stretch tent to be on site ready to use if needed.  If you are having an elopement, this is easy.  You need a gazebo or just some funky brollies at the ready to grab, along with some waterproof or warm outer clothing and some fun wellies that will match your outfits.
  • Check that your photographer has some alternative locations for your couple shots.  They will be more than experienced in finding the wet weather options! You will get stunning photos as the scenery is spectacular in any weather in the Cairngorms. It can look mystical, moody, romantic, dramatic, movie-like, or all these rolled into one.
  • If you are wanting to wear heels, consider having a flat pair of shoes too (as a braver alternative to wellies!).  Remember to use waterproof mascara and keep some hairspray handy.
  • Provide brollies and ponchos for your guests.  Consider sending personalised ponchos out with your wedding invites for a bit of fun. Brollies can be hired easily as a greener alternative to buying lots of them.
  • Consider a firepit outside to keep guests warm.  Maybe some blankets scattered around for people, particularly the older relatives, to grab when needed.
  • You could even consider mulled wine or hot chocolate with brandy or Baileys for the drinks reception.
  • Finally, you could also consider providing some towels for people to dry off with, should the forecast look seriously wet.

Scotland can also occasionally have outstanding weather and the sun can be extremely strong.  Here are a few tips to consider for these times.

  • Ensure there is plenty of water available for your guests to have. If possible have staff handing glasses of water alongside the alcoholic drinks.
  • See if your ceremony can take place in the shade.
  • See if your venue has air conditioning or hire in fans.
  • Consider providing hand fans for guests to use.
  • Ensure there is a supply of sunscreen (with midge repellent) available as guests I am sure, will not have that on their packing lists for Scotland!
  • Finally speak with your florist and cake maker to ensure that everything is done to keep the flowers and cake looking their best.

As a Wedding Planner living here in the Cairngorms National Park, I know what the weather can be like.  This makes it easy for me to help my couples make all the contingency plans they need. With careful planning in advance and an eye on the weather forecast the week leading up to your wedding day, it is possible to take whatever the heavens may throw at you with a smile on your faces.  Do not let Scottish weather deter you.  Rather embrace the adventure it offers you and your favourite people.

To see more about what I can do for you, take a look on my website and get in touch with me for a chat about ‘all things weddings’. Not just the weather!…..

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