A brief but important note on sustainability


As your Scottish wedding planner, there are many promises I will make to you. I promise to take the time to get to know you; never to try and impose my own tastes or style onto your celebration; to give every element of your wedding planning my full attention; to be a clear head and a voice of reason when it’s required, and an excited, enthusiastic cheerleader when it isn’t… and lots more besides.

But there’s an important promise that I need to make to the National Park and the planet as well. Did you know that one wedding generates the same amount of CO2 as five people do in the space of a year? I don’t say this to make you feel guilty about your celebration – far from it – but I do think it’s important that we’re aware of the potential impact we have on the planet, and the glorious natural surroundings of the Cairngorms. I promise to work as sustainably as possible during our time together.

This doesn’t mean I’ll be preaching to you, or forcing you to go down overtly green routes that don’t suit your style, but practically speaking, it means:

1. Wherever possible I’ll work with local suppliers who also value sustainability, and who run their businesses in an environmentally friendly way.

2. In my office and in the administrative elements that come with planning a wedding, I’ll use recycled paper and stationery. I’ll re-use envelopes (sorry in advance if any post you receive from me comes packaged in something that isn’t quite pristine!). I’ll recycle my print cartridges, use LED lightbulbs, turn off all equipment at night and recycle all shredded paper. Wherever possible I’ll use online resources rather than paper ones.

3. I’ll encourage online meetings wherever possible – with my couples and with suppliers – to minimise unnecessary travel.

4. Throughout the planning, I’ll suggest eco-friendly tweaks and sustainable design and décor alternatives for you to consider. The final decisions will always be yours.

5. After your celebration is finished, I’ll work with your wedding suppliers to make sure we leave no trace on the landscapes of the National Park.

6. I will work alongside and in accordance with the environmental aims of the Cairngorms National Park in protecting this incredible area.

Thanks for your support in this. Together we’ll make sure that your wedding celebration is stunning and sustainable.