Planning a Destination Wedding

Could a destination wedding be for you? Does your heart yearn to tie the knot somewhere that isn’t your home?  Maybe it is a country where you met each other, or a place you have spent time or travelled together, a place you dream of visiting, or quite simply a crazy vision that you concocted together one romantic night during lockdown.

Have you got engaged this Christmas? Whilst you have most likely let your imaginations run riot over a glass of bubbly and a mince pie or two, your rational minds may have gone through the problems that you envisage…..

  • Could it really be possible?
  • Could we really travel there?
  • Would our friends and family be able to come too?
  • How on earth do we start?
  • Where would the wedding be?
  • What would it look like?
  • How do we find out about the suppliers?

Sound familiar? Then as your glasses and plates were emptied, your conversation turned direction…….

  • Oh no……we can’t do this
  • How would we even start?

Overwhelm set it……..

A couple overwhelmed with trying to plan a destination wedding

And finally you both said, “No, let’s stay local, not quite our dream wedding, but the second-best thing……”

OK, stop right there! There is a solution to this overwhelm and you can get that dream destination wedding without any compromise

The Solution? A Destination Wedding Planner

Lindsay Coleman from Wide Sky Weddings, a Destination Wedding Planner in the Cairngorms, Highlands of Scotland

With a bit of online research you can find a Destination Wedding Planner in the area you want to get married and let her, or him, take all those problems away from you and turn your dreams into reality.

Save Money

Yes, it comes with a cost, but it will bring you your dream destination wedding, the castle, the tropical beach, the city skyscraper that you so aspire to. Using a Destination Wedding Planner may even save you money. They know the best local contacts and may even get you preferential rates. You will save on time and travel as there will be no need for you to keep visiting the place prior to your wedding. If this is overseas, that is a substantial saving in itself.

The Nitty Gritty Wedding Planning

A Destination Wedding Planner doesn’t take over your plans, (unless you want to hand the whole thing over) but she will facilitate your dreams and find you what you want. You can use her for some of the planning, a lot of the organisation, or the whole job including the day itself.

A Wedding Planner who lives in the place you want to marry will find you your venue and suppliers without the need for you to sit at home trawling the internet night after night. She can shortlist the suppliers according to what you tell her you are looking for. She can even have initial meetings with these suppliers on your behalf.  Maybe this is enough for you and once you decide the venue and the suppliers that you will be using, you can wave your Planner goodbye and go merrily on your way.

Enjoy your Engagement

However, you can also let your Wedding Planner take all the stress of planning a destination wedding away from you. This will allow you to enjoy the thrill of your engagement.  She can liaise between the suppliers and venue and put budget plans together. She can suggest the extra touches that will take your wedding up a notch in brilliance. She can even organise the transport and accommodation for you and your guests if you would like her to.  She is your Destination Wedding Planning Guru!

If you don’t want to, or if it is impossible for you to visit the location prior to the wedding, your Wedding Planner can be the go between, attending meetings on your behalf. He or she will keep you constantly updated on the plans whilst you sip a glass of chilled prosecco on the other end of a Zoom call!

A couple have an online meeting with their destination wedding planner

Your Dream Destination Wedding Day

Finally it comes to the wedding itself.  You can arrive, throwing yourself full heartedly into the place you yearned to be, whilst your Planner does all the background work. Have that swim in the loch, or the surf on the beach, or the ski down the mountainside. Your Planner is busy getting your guests settled in, the tables set, and everything ready for the big day.

A Destination Wedding Planner can ensure that you do get your dream wedding – with absolutely no compromise.  There is NO NEED to sell yourself short when it comes to your marriage adventure.

Destination Cairngorms

Do your research and find yourself a Destination Wedding Planner who can help you. If it is nature, wildlife, a Scottish castle, a windswept mountain that is your adventure, I may just be the Wedding Planner you need.  The Highlands of Scotland is a popular place for destination weddings with couples who dream of such things. I live in the heart of the Cairngorms National Park in the Highlands. I can find you the perfect venue, whether it be a castle, a marquee or a loch side. With a wide range of talented wedding suppliers here, I can be your Wedding Planner who takes all your stresses away. If you dream of a Highland wedding, I would love to chat with you over your plans. The more exciting the better.

Lindsay Coleman from Wide Sky Weddings, a destination wedding planner in the Cairngorms in the Highlands of Scotland.

Keep Your Dreams Alive

So, as you open your second bottle of fizz, fantasising about your crazy wedding ideas, don’t let that dream disappear. Get googling and let a Destination Wedding Planner make it happen for you. It’s that easy……

Are you interested in planning a destination wedding in the Cairngorms National Park? If so drop me an email at or via my website

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