A Toast to Love: Navigating Alcohol Free Weddings with Confidence

Considering an Alcohol Free Wedding? Here’s What You Need to Know

Are you currently considering your wedding drink options and wondering whether you dare hold an alcohol free wedding?  Are you part of the growing Sober Curious movement, but think your guests may not attend if they are only being offered sparkling water and mocktails?

Bride and groom enjoy an non-alcoholic drink from a cup and strawer at their alcohol free wedding.

The Changing Landscape: Alcohol Free Weddings are On The Rise

Well, the statistics are proving quite interesting. A few years ago in a Hitched survey, they found that 11% of all couples getting married considered having a totally alcohol-free wedding, with 23% sharing that they were sober-curious.  This is a huge difference to past years when a wedding meant a guaranteed hangover the following day!

A Shift in Perspective: Why Choose Alcohol Free?

Today’s younger generation are looking at alcohol and the effects it has on their health. Many are either turning away from it totally, or seriously limiting the amount they drink. This extends to weddings where couples may prefer to enjoy their celebrations with a clear head the following day too, especially if guests have travelled to be together for a whole weekend.

Exploring Your Options: Making it Work For You

If you are considering an alcohol-free wedding it is important to weigh up your options.  It may be that all your friends and family feel the same as you. They will be delighted to find a variety of delicious mocktails and rehydrating fizz to keep them on the dance floor for longer.

If this is the case, then go for it.  There are many mixologists who create delicious non-alcoholic drinks for weddings.  And any traditional cocktail that you love, or used to love, can usually be turned into a non-alcoholic mocktail.

Simon from Highland Boundary says, “We’re seeing an increase in the number of weddings looking to serve great non-alcoholic drink options to their guests.  When we run our Wild Cocktail Bar we want to offer mocktails that are as interesting and special as the cocktails.  We can do this by using flavours extracted from wild Scottish plants and balance citrus, floral, fruity, sweet and herbal flavours that bring real interest.  If you present them in a great way and connect the ingredients of the drinks to the story of the couple this brings a real personal touch to the special occasion.  This could be a twist on a well known cocktail/mocktail or something totally different and surprising.”

There is also a wide range of alternatives to champagne, wine and prosecco which have the all-important zero percent.  Even the Wine Club offers a selection of good quality options.

Guests enjoy a glass of nozeco at an alcohol free wedding reception.

Navigating Expectations: Addressing Concerns

A word of caution however.  Your wedding is totally YOUR day, and you should create it absolutely as you wish. If many of your friends or family are expecting a tipple or two on the day and would be extremely disappointed to find this is not to be an option at your wedding, it may be worth incorporating this into the information that you send with your invites.  Guests will then be prepared, and if this is a major issue for them, they can politely decline your invite. 

Here is my BUT!  I would like to think that people you invite to your wedding are the closest people in your lives, who are happy to respect your wishes and would not find it an issue.

Beautiful soft drink at a wedding reception

Your Day, Your Choice: Embrace Your Decision

This is your choice to make and you must choose the option that you both want.  A non-alcoholic wedding means that you and your guests will enjoy the entire celebration and remember it long after returning home. No hangover fog for your guests!

If you need help making this decision please don’t hesitate in contacting me. Being a Scottish wedding planner, this is a decision that I am starting to see couples consider more. I personally wonder if in years to come, a wedding hangover will become a distant memory that our children will find hilarious.

Whatever your final decision is, make it the one that is right for you.