Here you’ll find information and answers to some of the burning questions you might have.

Have a read through, and if you have a question that isn’t answered here, feel free to get in touch

I’m not sure I need a wedding planner. What can you do for me?

I understand that choosing to work with a wedding planner is a big investment, and it’s important that you not only decide whether or not you need/want a planner full stop, but also that you find a planner who is the right fit for you and the wedding you want to have. Working with a wedding planner means having an expert in your corner throughout the process. It gives you someone who will take the jobs that are causing you stress off your hands, and will use their connections to find suppliers who are perfectly suited to the dreams you have for your wedding day. In a nutshell, what I can do for you is make the mammoth task of planning, designing and executing a wedding a whole lot easier and more fun. It will save you time, energy and money in the long run. I always recommend that my couples book a discovery call with me first of all, so we can have a proper chat, and can start to get to know each other. If you’re going to trust me with your wedding, you need to feel totally comfortable that I’m the right person for you. So, why not send me an enquiry, and we can book in a call for a chinwag?

How far in advance should we book you?

As early as possible! I make sure that every wedding I work on gets my full attention, and as such I can only work with a limited number of couples each year. I absolutely hate having to turn people down, so if you know you want to work with me on your romantic adventure in the Cairngorms, don’t wait to get in touch.

We live abroad/really far from Scotland, will this be an issue?

No, and you’re not alone. My wedding planning services are specifically tailored to couples who aren’t local to the area, and who are looking for a really special escape from the real world for their wedding celebrations. I’ll be ‘your woman in the Cairngorms’, able to do venue visits and liaise with your suppliers, and will keep you looped in via regular video calls. You won’t ever feel in the dark about any of the details or decisions for your wedding. We can also arrange for a visit before the wedding for you to get a feel for the place in person. 

We’re looking to elope, can you help?

Yes! Elopements have a particular kind of magic to them, and I love helping couples celebrate their love in their own little bubble of romance and adventure away from the pressures of real life. If you’re looking to elope or planning a wedding with fewer than five guests, contact me for a bespoke quote.

We got married a while ago and we’re looking to renew our vows. We’d love to have a magical Cairngorms celebration for this, but it’s not technically a wedding. Can you help us?

Very short answer for you – yes, I can! I would love to help you plan an amazing celebration that’s as intimate or as grand as you want it to be. Attention to detail and gorgeous personal touches are just as important for a vow renewal as for a wedding, and I’m here to help you make it incredible!

We’re really keen on the idea of an escape from the ordinary, but how remote are we talking? Will it be really hard for our guests to get to?

Lots of the Cairngorms National Park is wonderfully wild, but don’t worry, there are plenty of accommodation options and transport hubs within it. If you’re coming by plane, Inverness airport is only 45 minutes away from the beautiful town of Aviemore at the heart of the National Park, which offers lots of accommodation and makes a great base for you and your guests. You can also take the train (or, for extra old school romance points, the sleeper train) direct to Aviemore, where I’ll be on hand to meet you and get you settled.

I don’t like the idea of handing over everything, how do I know our wedding will be personal to us?

 I totally understand this feeling. Your wedding deserves to be the most beautifully personal expression of the two of you and the way you live and love. Working with me as your wedding planner is a collaboration from beginning to end, we’ll be working with your ideas, your style, your personalities. This is absolutely not about me forcing my tastes on you, I’m here to help facilitate your vision, not take it over and make it mine!

Having an eco-friendly wedding is something really important to us, is this something you’re able to help with?

This is music to my ears! Working in and around the National Park, where so much of the land is of international ecological importance, making sure the choices we make for your wedding are sustainable is really crucial. The suppliers I suggest for you are planet-friendly as well as packed with personality. We’ll plan a wedding for you that’s green and gorgeous without sacrificing the style.

I’ve heard the weather in Scotland can be really bad, is this true?

It’s true that part of the reason we have so many lush shades of green up here is because of the rain! The Scottish Highlands are not for you if you’re looking for guaranteed sunshine and sky-high temperatures, but it certainly doesn’t just rain all the time. You might well see several different weathers over the course of your celebration. To my mind, that’s part of the magic, and makes for some really amazing photographs. I’ve lived here for a long time and am used to the unpredictability of the weather, so will always make sure we have factored in solid wet weather contingency plans for your wedding, so a sudden downpour doesn’t cause disaster.

Can you tell us more about the legalities of getting married in Scotland?

There’s great news when it comes to choosing your location to get married in Scotland. Legal civil ceremonies (with registrars) as well as celebrant-led and humanist blessings are permitted in any location other than religious premises. So you’ve got the whole great wild outdoors to play with, as well as the selection of stunning halls, houses and castles! You don’t have to be resident in Scotland in order to legally marry here. As we work through your wedding planning journey I’ll be on hand to assist and advise on the necessary paperwork to make sure everything runs smoothly.

I’ve read about planners taking commissions from suppliers. How does that work?

This is a really good question to ask, and I’d recommend asking it to any planner you’re considering working with. Some wedding planners take commissions from the suppliers they select for you. While this doesn’t usually impact on the fee you’re paying the planner, it may well make your other costs higher, as suppliers might raise their fees to cover the cost of the planner’s commission. I feel strongly about this, and will never accept commission from suppliers. Any discounts that are made available during the course of my work with them will always be passed directly to you. It’s my job to make your lives as easy as possible, and that includes being totally upfront about the financial side of things, and saving you from any hidden fees.

We’ve found a venue we like and it already has a co-ordinator, isn’t that enough?

Wedding co-ordinators are fabulous and will definitely be a help for you on your wedding day, but it’s worth remembering that their first priority is the venue and not the couple. Working with a planner is generally a much more in-depth experience. I’m here from the start to help with the overall vision of your wedding, looking at the big picture and the tiny details, and making sure that the experience for you and your guests is an unforgettable one.

The Cairngorms are waiting for you under wide skies. Are you ready to get started?