Wedding Planner in The Cairngorms

Your dream wedding in the heart of the Scottish Highlands

I understand that planning a destination wedding in the Scottish Highlands might feel like a bit of a leap of faith, especially if it’s an area of the world you’re not familiar with.

I’ve spent years exploring this wonderful wild land of the Cairngorms National Park, and I’ll be on hand to guide you through every decision, and make sure that your wedding comes together perfectly. (Find out more about how we can work together here)

Here’s just a taster of what makes the Cairngorms National Park quite so special for a wedding venue:


The Cairngorms National Park is HUGE. You could fit Luxembourg in its entirety inside the span of the National Park.

Finding a piece of it to put your (sustainable and planet friendly) wedding-day stamp on is a piece of cake!


Almost half of the Park is protected by European law because of its ecological importance.

The peaceful lochs, sweeping unspoilt views, clean heather-scented air and skies crammed with stars are here to stay. (I’ve made a promise to work in a way that’s as sustainable and park-friendly as possible in everything I do. You can find out more about my sustainability policy here)



It feels like there are many little worlds within the borders of the Cairngorms.

The variety of landscapes you’ll find here is breathtaking, and guarantees you’ll find a spot that suits your wedding style. Whether you’re looking for all-out fairytale splendour in a real Scottish castle, timeless lochside elegance, windblown adventure atop a mountain or bohemian luxury among the trees of the Caledonian pine forest, this gorgeous green land is able to provide for your heart’s desire.


The National Park is a hotspot for wildlife, some of which you’re unlikely to see anywhere else.

Keep your eyes on the skies for the soaring wings of Ospreys and (if you’re really lucky) majestic Golden Eagles, watch for tracks of deer among purple heather moorland, hear the haunting calls of the wading birds as the sun sinks over the wetlands, and find the flash of a Red Squirrel darting among the woodland’s high branches. The local guides and bird hides in the area offer some amazing wildlife watching experiences, which can be a beautiful part of your wedding adventure up here.


Each month of the year brings its own character to the place.

I love the changing seasons here and struggle to pick a favourite. Spring is so full of light, fresh new colour and baby lambs; summer is an explosion of lush shades of green. In autumn the falling leaves are like gold and orange confetti provided by Mother Nature herself; and we’re reliably snow covered and sparkling with frost in winter.

There really are countless ways to celebrate your Highland wedding your way here, and I can’t wait to hear your ideas. Let’s start making these daydreams real, shall we?